Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Vintage/Retro Clothing Shop will open soon!

     You know, I've NEVER been accused of just doing 'nothing'!  In fact, it's always been the other way with me---I do too much!!  My 'problem' has always been that I like so many different things, I love doing different projects, creating art and trying new things.  That's really not such a bad thing unless you can't focus--and that's always been my issue, lack of focus.

     I've been reading a book lately (also a hard task cause most books can't hold my interest for long) about a group the author calls 'scanners' people who are just like me and love many different and varied things.  People like us are often looked at with a 'jaundiced eye'---you know, like we're crazy!!  Well, I'm here to tell you we AREN'T crazy, we just have very creative minds that continuously finds interests in different areas!!  Now, that's a mouth full, but what it means is we love life and want to participate in EVERYTHING!!

     Ok, so I'm pretty much liking this book, but it still feels as if something is just not right.  I just can't find peace in anything for very long.  So I have begun to pray and seek God's mind on why He made me this way and what I'm doing wrong.  He really is such a loving Father to us and I know His plans for me are good.

     It finally came to me not too long after I started seeking Him that there MUST be focus in one's life--it's ok to love/participate in many different things, but in order to have true peace--there MUST be focus!!  At least, that's what I am finding for my own life.  Without focus our minds flitter about from here to there, thinking this thought, that thought, never landing on one thing and often not completing what we are working on.  Without focus, there is no peace, true peace of accomplishment, cause you are always running from one issue/project/thing to the next, taking no time to enjoy and dwell on what you've done---again, this is what I am finding in my own life, maybe it's not true for you.

     With all that say, I'm still working on my focus and where it needs to be.  Wish I could tell you I've found it, but at least I'm getting closer and closer.  And there has been great joy in that knowledge-that I'm on my way!!

     And so now to the title of this blog-post:   I have always loved fabrics/materials and I'm finding out more and more that I love vintage/retro clothing.  Everything/project I've been working on lately seems to revolve around textiles of some kind.  I even like to call myself a 'textile artist.  My mind is constantly coming up with ideas involving fabric/textiles of some kind or another!  Therefore, I will be opening a new shop on etsy soon that will sell retro/vintage clothing, some even altered by me to enhance it's look!!!  I am excited and nervous about this, all at the same time!!

     And above all, I will look at it as a new adventure, a new path to walk down not always knowing where it is leading but trusting that my heavenly Father is guiding my steps!! And if it's NOT my true path, then I've had a good time walking it and I'll just look for another!!

     Here are a few pictures of some of the clothing I have in my 'hoard':

1950's-style oriental dress-beautiful

Everyone needs a retro Harley Davidson shirt!

I LOVE this sweater--maybe I should keep it?!

Anyone remember neheu jackets/dresses?

Very ornate silk blouse/dress from India

Can you say vintage 1950's!!

Oh my, I think I had a set like this back in the 60's

Very classy knit dress from the 1980's

I look at this and want to change my name to "Moonbeam", what's up with that?!!

Well, that's it for now, another page out of my life but one I gladly share with you!
God bless all and any who read this,
Pat, A Remade Life
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