Tuesday, July 8, 2014

3-day Weekends are the BEST!!

     Have you ever noticed that when you are a 'working human' (and I'm including all of you who either work from home or stay home and raise your children/grandchildren---that's definitely WORK!!!!)  the thought of a 3-day weekend or any weekend for that matter, is like an early morning spring shower, so refreshing and renewing!  Ok, so that's a little more 'poetic' then I normally get, but you get the message.  In other words, '3-day weekends are da bomb'!!!

     I've noticed lately that I seem to be living more and more for the upcoming weekend, only to have it slip quickly through my fingers as I fill each day with ALL the things I can't/don't get done during the week.  As Sunday evening rolls around, I find myself tired, frustrated and wondering why I didn't take some time to just enjoy life, family and my Heavenly Creator!!

     Well, I decided a few months ago to change all the above....except the part about enjoying myself.  I made a declaration that Sundays were 'off limits' to all of the following:  work/grocery shopping/work/cooking/work, etc.  You get my drift....no WORK, at least not anything other than what I really wanted to do.  We like church on Saturday evenings so that's not a problem and we often watch a live service on our computers on Sunday mornings as we eat our breakfast.  It helps to set the tone for the day.

     I would like to tell you that it has gone smoothly but as often happens when we make a declaration of independence, it has not.  But I've had a few Sundays where I NEVER got out of my pajama's and only cooked what I could put in the microwave.  Those Sundays were devine!!  And honestly the rest have been less hectic than the ones before my 'pronoucement of lacguor'. 

     So how did I spend my last 3-day weekend you ask?  MOSTLY in my pajamas and I tried not to fill the rest of the time with anything other than family, friends and my loving Lord.  It was devine!!

     Here are a few pictures I took of my great weekend:

Me practicing my 'selfies'

Time for a little frivolity!

Yes, I'm in the bathroom taking my picture!!! 

My Brayden stomping on 4th of July poppers

My mom, Brayden and his mom, my daughter Brittany
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God Bless all and any who read this,
Pat, A Remade Life