Friday, April 4, 2014

Pickin' is sooooo much fun!!

     A good friend of mine called me yesterday to tell me about a 'preview sale'---a sale before the actual sale day!  For pickers, that's a dream come true--we love being able to go to a sale site and leisurely look through everything for sale before the general public is let in.  It's awesome and rare!!

     So I called my best picking buddy, Judy, and we followed my friend over to the sale site and met some wonderful people who had just lost their mom.  As a picker, it is important for us to remember that much of the stuff we 'pick' has come from someone's loss of a loved-one.  Their dear mom had lived to the wonderful age of 104 yrs. old!!  She sounded like an amazing person.  Her daughter even told me that her mom had been a flapper back in the roaring 20's and had carried a little purse with her to dance contests.  She showed me the purse and, although my picking heartbeat sped up, I encouraged her to keep that memory of her mom.  She kept the purse and I felt blessed to have been included in that wonderful story.

     And so, Judy and I picked and picked and picked till we ran out of money and energy!!  We both left there with lots of good stuff, great stories about a wonderful woman and some new friends.

     But the best part of the evening was when Judy and I went out to eat.  We were both starving and it just made sense to finish the evening out with lots of food, sad stories, rants and raves and tons and tons of laughter!!!  It is rare that I get to sit down with a friend and just enjoy the time, but I certainly did last night!

    So the moral of this blog post?   Take time for yourself as often as you can, enjoy your family, enjoy your friends and enjoy your LIFE!!  It doesn't last forever!!

    On another note, here are a few more pic's of clothing I will be posting soon in a new etsy shop---be looking for it cause I'm thinking it's going to be awesome!!

A really cool knit dress from the 60's

Wow, can you get anymore 80's-style?  I don't think so!!

This light weight top looks soooooo good with skinny jeans!!

Anyone would look cool in this 90's blue jean jacket

Any so, until next time--God bless all and any who read this,

Pat, A Remade Life


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