Monday, April 29, 2013

Moving Forward

     So many things have been going through my head over the last few weeks.  Questions about my future, regrets about my past and so many thoughts about what actions to take to make changes in my life.  It can be overwhelming and even very depressing if I let it be.  I have lived with depression most of my life and depression tends to lead to inaction.  It's just easier to stay in the rut you have fallen into, so much easier than it is to climb out of that rut---that's just too much work and depression tells us we are 'too tired, too weak and just not good enough' to make it.  Well, I'm here to tell you---depression is WRONG!

     I wish I could say that I've got the answer now, that I know what my future holds but I don't.  What I DO know is that God is in control and I've chosen to trust Him.  That doesn't mean that I am going to sit idly by and just wait to see what happens.  No, I am going to start MOVING, to start making plans, to set goals and work towards them--I am going to take ACTION!!!  For too many years I've just let myself be  'tossed about by every wind and wave' but no more.  I know there will be good days and not so good days, but with Gods grace, I will stand strong in my resolve and keep moving forward, trusting Him to guide my steps and direct my path.

     I'm hoping that you will join me as I walk down this path called 'my life'--who knows, maybe it will lead to YOU!!  ;)

    With all that said, here are some pictures of the reset of my Winnie shop--and of course, I've thrown in a few pics of my sweet grandson, Brayden!

                                            My son Jonathan's new spot-in-the-making!

                                                       Lots of work still to do!

                                             Hmmmmm, what should I put here?

                                         Don't you just love using vintage linens as backdrops?!

                              My new luggage area--you should see it now that its' finished

Brayden's first Easter AND his first chocolate bunny   

                              Happy Birthday my sweet precious boy--you are blessed!!!

May God bless all and any who read this,
Pat, A Remade Life