Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"As the World Turns"

     Some of you may not remember that phase "As The World Turns"!  It was an old soap opera way back in the day, very popular from what I remember.  And very poetic/true.  No matter what may occur in our lifes, the world keeps on 'a-going'!  And so do we.

     Our Christmas holidays were marked with my mom going back into the hospital for breathing troubles on Christmas Day.  She is going back to the hospital more and more often and staying for longer 'visits'.  She just got out this past Monday and went back to the nursing home.  Her little body is holding on but each episode takes more and more away from her mind.  She rarely lives in reality anymore, often forgetting where she is, why she's not at her own home, who's alive and who's not (this one is very hard on her--she keeps believing my dad is still here) and she is always very disoriented.  It's hard to see my mom that way---she has always been so together and snappy.  My older sister is retired and taking care of all the issues that come with an aging parent.  I feel bad for Barbara since she must fight her own battles as well.  Please say a prayer for my mom 'Goldie Marie' and for our Heavenly Father's loving arms to be wrapped around her.

     On a different note, I had foot surgery on my right foot 4-days ago.  I knew it was going soon---I taught water aerobics for over 18 yrs---that's 18yrs of jumping on the side of the pool like a crazy person--something had to give and I guess it's my feet!!  Bone spurs, bunions and a bone that needed to be repositioned are just no fun, but I got it done and I'm at home recovering.  Wish I could say I've been able to work on lots of new projects, but the truth is, the pain drugs have better much kept me 'out of the loop' until today.  I do have some ideas a-brewin' that I'll share as they develop!

   So, that's it for now, foot is starting to complain so guess I better elevate it and make it smile!!

                          Yes, those are frozen veggies on my foot---couldn't find anything else!!

God Bless all and any who read this!
Pat, A Remade Life