Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Temporaily out-of-pocket!

I'll be out-of-pocket this week as I deal with my aunt's funeral and my trip to Lubbock to retrieve my youngest daughter.  My dear aunt Ella Mae pasted away at the young age of 87.  She was a very creative soul and I'm sure that's were some of my abilities come from!  She will be sorely missed.  My youngest daughter is also moving back home for a while and I will be helping her move.  Will be posting some new stuff soon!!  God Bless all and any who read this,
Pat,  A Remade Life

Friday, June 25, 2010


Here are pictures of some more bra-bags I just finished.  And they now have an official name donated by my friend Judy---"Hooties"!!  How awesome is that!  These Hooties have a definite victorian flavor and were so much fun to make.  Hooties will soon be listed in my etsy shop--just click the icon at the top of this page to see it.  I am still having lots of fun checking out all your wonderful blogs--wish I could take vacation from work so I could just loose myself in them!!  Everyone is so encouraging and uplifting--you are an awesome group of people!!  I will be posting some 'Patty Fannys' I'm working on very soon and hopefully a few more Hooties too!   God's blessings to everyone who reads this and have an excellent weekend!! 
Pat,  A Remade Life

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New 'purses'

Good Morning all you wonderful women (and men) in blogland!!  I have been having soooo much fun with the blog party--there are so many nice bloggers out there.  Please forgive me if I haven't yet returned the favor of a visit to your blog--lots going on around by home--but I promise I am working diligently and will 'come to call' on your blog!  I have been getting ready for an upcoming show in late July and found my mind (and creativity) flittering about from here to there---it's terrible having adult ADHD!!  Anyway, a friend of mine discovered a little item/purse that I have found so amusing I thought I would share it with you.  He showed me a picture and I took it from there!  So here are the new purses I've just started making------from BRA'S!!!  That's right,  they are Bra-bag's and they are so much fun to make!!  Of course, the 'bigger' the bra, the 'bigger' the bag! And then there are those that only rate as a 'coin purse'.  These are my first two but I plan on making many and posting them in my shop at etsy--aRemadeLife.etsy.com.  Let me know what you think--maybe we could plan a "Brassiere Extravaganza"!!!  Lots of love   Pat,  A Remade Life

Friday, June 18, 2010

Welcome to the 'Where Women Create II' Party!!!

                                         This is a definite 'before' picture!
                                     So is this one--that's my old Kenmore-I love it!!
                                                Wow, I really was messy, right?
                                                  Getting better!!!

                                                             Not too bad!
Still needs some work-but not bad
one of my purses from recycled items

These are my "Patty Fannys"-too cute right?

These are works-in-progress!

Hello to all you wonderful bloggers!  My name is Pat and I'm VERY new to this blogging thing-but, boy am I having fun!!  First I would like to thank Karen for ALL her hard work in bringing us all together--you rock, girlfriend!!  Second, I want to thank YOU for checking me out--I'll repay the favor.  I've been crafting since I could walk (well, ok, I'm exaggerating a little!).  I use to make my own toys, draw and paint wonderful pictures and I even wrote short stories at the ripe old age of 6!  I designed and sold collectible, mohair teddy bears and I even have a few living in Germany.  I created into my adulthood, but then the cares/problems of life slowed me down and I lost my creativity for many years.  But God is good and the last few years I've begun to feel the need to 'make something wonderful.'  And so, I think, I create, I Pray and I'm beginning to find my artisic way again.  I humbly invite you to visit my work shop---before and after an organizational make-over-- and I invite you into my world!!  Please visit often, comment regularly and know that you are loved!!   Pat,  A Remade Life

Thursday, June 17, 2010

New site for artists/crafters

Just found a fairly new website designed to help promote art studios, museums, artists, etc. It's-www.theartsmap.com.   It's in is fledging beginnings right now, but has potential!  And it's FREE!  All you wonderful artists/crafters, etc may want to check it out.  It maps your location so those who may be visiting your city will know where local artists/studios/museums are located.  Remember before you do it that you are being placed on a map for all to see where you are, so if you have a problem with that you may want to opt out.  Let me know what you think--the pros and cons-of this site!!  God Bless,  Pat,  A Remade Life

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day at the Winnie Flea Market

What a great day I had today!!  Went to Winnie Texas to "Larry's Olde Time Trade Days" a fantastic, large flea market a little over an hour from my home!!  I have several vendor friends there and my son Jonathan and I went to visit with them and check out the market.  And what a market it is!!  We got there early since part of the market is outside in the lovely Texas heat--we managed to stay mostly in the air conditioned area!!  I talked with Brenda, the owner, and she was nice enough to share tips on how to market and advertise, which I hope will help with my own Humble Trade Days.  I talked with my vendor friends, shopped a little, met some new vendors (who I can now call 'friend') and just generally had a great time.  Jonathan found a knife and sword vendor and, of course, purchased a knife he had been looking for.  I also managed to find a great buy on some old dolls and the owner of the shop became a new friend--her name is Kay of 'Kay's collectibles' and I might actually been renting part of her space soon!!!  How cool is that--I've been thinking and praying about becoming more involved in resale and God may be opening that door--will update as things occur!!  God's blessings on all and any who read this!!  Pat,  A Remade Life

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Praying for Jedidiah

My heart is full and heavy at the same time.  It's full of love for the beautiful little boy, Jedidiah--and it's heavy because that lovely child is fighting cancer.  This post is going out to all and any who believe in the power of prayer.  Please lift this precious child of God up to our heavenly Father and don't forget to pray for his family who also need us right now.  Please click on Jed's link and send this family your love, your prayers and let them know they are not alone!!  God's Blessings to all and any who read this!!  Pat,  A Remade Life

Friday, June 4, 2010

Charity to all

This morning around 9am my son, Jonathan, called me at work to tell me a dog had wandered into our backyard!!  Our yard is fully-fenced with a 6 ft. wood fence however, this was a very small chihuahua and it had somehow got in.  I work only 5 min. from my home so I ran home to see.  It was a very frightened, half starved, flea covered, overgrown toenail, sad little dog!!  I managed to catch him (it was an un-fixed male) so I fed & watered him.  He was so small and scared.  I called our vet and it would cost a hugh amount of money to have him checked--money I don't have!!  But, thank the Lord, a member of Pals for Pooches was at the vets and said "I'll take him-bring him here".  Bless her soul!!  I took 'little man' as I called him to the vets--it turns out he had been neglected for a long time and he was also a very old dog.  He had trouble with his back legs and bad teeth.  This sweet lady still took him and will love him for all long as he's around!!  God Bless her--she gave me her number and I will check up on 'little man' (she decided to keep that name) soon!!  God Bless all who read this!!    Pat, A Remade Life