Thursday, June 30, 2011

Too Much To Do!!!

Soooooo sorry I haven't been posting much lately.  Between trade shows, an estate sale I managed for a friend (you can see pictures on my other blog -  - )  staying with my mom on weekends AND getting a new puppy dog---well, as you can image, it's been a little busy around my house.  And talking about my house, it looks like the home of a major hoarder!!  I've been to 2-different estate sales and picked up LOTS of great stuff.  I've got boxes and boxes and boxes of this great stuff ALL over my house--there will be NO pictures of this!  I'm sorting, checking it out and re-pricing so I've had to spread out pretty much everywhere--when did this stuff take over my life!!
On a positive note, my new doggie is such a blessing--her name is Tulip and I got her from a rescue league.  She is 1-yr old and they found her just wandering around the streets--poor baby!  She is so cute, so sweet and EVERYONE that meets her loves her immediately.  I've posted a few pictures for your enjoyment.  I'll be posting again soon (I promise) and show pictures of all my treasures--BUT NOT MY HOUSE! 
Enjoy sweet Tulip !!!

                                                 This is Tulip!!

                                                     She loves to play

                                                                   and play

                                                  This is one tired Tulip!!

Please take me to bed!

I just can't keep my eyes open!

And she's out!!--night, night sweet Tulip

And that's that--God Bless All and Any who read this,
Pat,  A Remade Life

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New friends found at an estate sale!

I recently went to an estate sale my good friend Judy ( told me about.  It was a long way from her house but I was staying at my mom's that weekend so I was already half way there!  So down to Galveston we went, my mom tagging along even though she doesn't care for that sort of thing.  What a great sale!!  It was a 6200 sq ft home close to the beach in Galveston, Tx and it was FULL, I said FULL of costumes, vintage hats, mannequins, vintage furs, vintage clothing, furniture and all sorts of theatrical paraphernalia!!  It had been owned by a gentleman named Danny Morgan, quite a talented fellow from what I've been told---he had become very well known not only in Galveston but also in New York and California.  He was acquainted with numerous hollywood stars and was very much sought after for his costuming ability and stage/party decoration.  Unfortunately, Danny had passed away and this sad event leads us back to the estate sale.  I found myself wandering through this huge home with the many, many other seekers of treasures and I was overwhelmed by the beauty of all I saw.  AND, the lovely lady who was managing the estate sale, Christine Solis, and her wonderful crew were phenomenal!!  Despite the heat, the large crowd of 'not always so nice' customers and all the hard work involved in an estate sale, they were always curtious, kind and helpful.  So I hope you enjoy these pictures of one of the best 'picks' I've ever been on!! and p.s.----Judy showed up on the second day--I knew she couldn't stay away from a good pick!!

God bless all and any who read this,
Pat, A Remade Life