Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Holiday season is here!!

     Don't you just LOVE this time of year?  I know I do--it's when I get to decorate my home with tons and tons of vintage christmas ornaments, wreaths and lots of fa-la-la!!

     I'm working on a few christmas projects for a art/craft sale I'll be in on December 6th.  It's a really cool sale at a HUGE local company who sets this up every year right before Christmas.  It is for their employees only, the general public is not invited, but the booth price is right and there are thousands of employees and most of them like to shop!  It's only a 4-hr sale but really lots of fun and well worth taking a day off work to participate in.

     I'll be posting some pictures soon of some of the wonderful wreaths I'm making as well as the other items I plan on taking to the show.

     This weekend is my Winnie Trade Days show so my son Jonathan and I are busy getting ready for that--looks to be a good weekend--we are hoping to make lots of sales and many, many good friends.  Please come out and visit us if you're in the area this weekend.  It's the Winnie Trade Days in Winnie, Tx so all you have to do is google it--I'm in the antique mall section so come and look me up!!

     That't it for now but there will be lots more coming soon!!

God Bless all and any who read this,
Pat, A Remade Life