Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Brayden!!

     When you have a 2 yr old running around in your life, there are good days and there are great days.  Easter this year was a great day!  Brayden wasn't old enough to understand the meaning of 'Resurrection Sunday' (that will come soon) but he was definitely old enough to understand how to look for easter eggs and to enjoy the goodies they hold within!!
     It was a beautiful day here in Texas, weather was mild and the air was sweet.  We enjoyed a wonderful service at church and then just kicked back and relaxed till after lunch---that's when the hunt began!!
     Brayden looked like a pro as he searched to and fro for those much coveted easter eggs.  And he found them all with very little prompting!!
     Here are a few pictures of our wonderful day:

And the hunt begins!!

Look how many I found!

Is this all?
What kinda bunny is this?!

Grandma showing how it's done!
     I tried to post more pictures but was having trouble downloading them--will try again later.

Hope everyone's Easter was full of blessings and good stuff!  I'll be posting pictures soon of my 'soon to open' vintage/retro clothing webstore!!

God Bless all and any who read this,
Pat, A Remade Life

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