Thursday, May 1, 2014

Be Someone's 'Miracle'!!

     As you can probably tell from my posts, I'm a Christian, a believer in Jesus as the son of God, Savior.  Now, while I profess this openly and whole-heartedly, I do understand that not everyone shares my belief's and there are some who are even opposed/turned-off by this.  I respect that and it is my goal as a christian to always be sensitive to others ways/beliefs while at the same time hold strongly to my own---not an easy task in this day and time when many take offense so easily.

     But one of the things I have found in all my wanderings and friendships with various and asundry people is that there seems to be one universal truth---to help our fellow man.  It is often the goal of many religions and sects, even those who don't have particularly strong beliefs--it is a 'common' thread. 

     Helping can come in many forms.  At it's very basic level a kind word can turn someone's day around and give them the encouragement they need to go on.  A simple compliment can bring confidence to someone who lives in a world of unsurety.   Trust me on this one cause I'm speaking as a person who grew up with depression and uncertainity!!  A kind word, a gentle touch can make a big difference!

     Help can be giving a co-worker a ride to work when their car is out of service; or taking your elderly neighbor to the store for food;  maybe even taking a friend to a movie just to get her out of the house after a nasty break-up with a boyfriend!  Don't have time for any of these?  Well, how about calling that friend or even texting her that you are thinking of her and care?!  Knowing someone is on your side ALWAYS helps!

     Yes, help can come in many, many forms---but there is another universal truth that can NOT be ignored---HELP is a verb, indicating ACTION!!  This means, WE must take action if any help is to be given!!  In the christian world there was a saying--'you've got to put 'feet' on your prayers'!!  This means, pray for sure but get out there and DO!!  Don't TALK about helping, DO it!!

     As you can tell I have fairly strong feelings on this subject---because I've been 'there', you know, in that needy place, that low-spot, that horrible rut where you must have help to climb out and get back on the road!  And I'm ashamed to say, I've also been in a position to help others and turned away--this is not something I'm proud of. 

     But..........this is a new day, a new dawn, a new beginning!!  And there is no reason I can't move on and change--and so can you!  Please forgive me if you are already in that wonderful place of helping others---I salute you, you are an awesome blossom!!

     And so, whatever your belief or thoughts are regarding a 'higher' power, join me in making it your goal to be someone's miracle today,to bless them with a kind word, a compliment or maybe help them financially or take them to lunch.  Your choice----just DO it!  I have NO doubts you will be rewarded, if not in this world then in the next!

God Bless all and any who read this,
Pat, A Remade Life

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