Friday, March 7, 2014

Winnie Trade Show this weekend & 'Whatever Purses' on Facebook

     This weekend is my Winnie Trade Show--come by if you're in the neighborhood! Winnie, Texas on I-10. We are in the little green house by the food court! The last few shows have not been good. Bad weather as well as freezing cold caused very low attendance. This weekend is somewhat 'ify' on the weather issue, but we have high hopes for a better show. Say a prayer!!
      I recently downloaded "Picasa" to my computer. It's a photoshop-type of program and I'm really enjoying playing with it. And the best part's FREE! Check it out if you get a chance.
     Here are the pictures I put on my facebook page "Remade Life Emporium".

     Cool, right?!?   PLEASE be sure to go to my facebook page - Remade Life Emporium  - and
'like' us!!  It sure would give me a boost!

     Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you at Winnie,
God Bless all and any who read this,
Pat, A Remade Life

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