Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Back to Canton Trade Days!...........and an emergency trip home

     I think the title pretty well covers what this blog will be about.  Last Thursday my son Jonathan, my grandson Brayden and I loaded up my van with all the necessities of life and began the 4.5 hour trip to Canton Trade Days, reportedly the largest flea market in the United States!

     We've been planning this return trip for several months.  Our first visit this past spring was amazing, even though I had been very ill the week before and couldn't walk around much.  Anyway, away we went, Brayden singing and happy, Jonathan talking non-stop (as usual) and me just thankful to be able to take a mini-vacation from all the stress and strains of life.

    We stopped for a little break for Brayden (and me, I had to go to the restroom!) at a McDonald's in Huntsville which was only about 1.5 hrs. into our drive.  Here's Brayden enjoying himself at Mickey D's:

McDonald's is one of his favorite places.  We try to take him there as often as possible but I honestly get a little nervous about the play area......have you seen how, uh, unclean those places are!?  Sorry, McDonald's but truth is truth.

     We finally made our way to Canton with only one more stop.  The drive had been enjoyable, Brayden had stayed happy, Jonathan had kept talking and I was again, just enjoying the day!

     We began shopping with purpose!  Armed with our wire cart (you know, the ones you see EVERYWHERE at these kinda places), Brayden in his stroller, diaper bag with drink and snacks in hand, we were off and running!!!  It didn't take us long to begin finding stuff we liked, me for the shop and Jonathan for himself.   We bought a little of this and a little of that, but my favorite purchase was these 2-wonderful mannequins:

     The female one is wonderful cause it's smaller than most of the mannequins I have--about the size of a teenage girl.  This will work wonderfully for my vintage clothing.   Seems like women were much smaller 'back in the day'.  The little boy mannequin is actually about the size of Brayden!  I HAD to have it because it has such a cute face!  I will probably use him in the shop and the female will be used for my ebay stuff.

    The evening was very tiring due to Brayden NOT wanting to go to sleep:


     Yes, those are his pajama bottoms on his head!!   He had so much fun that day, I guess he just wanted to keep going!!!!


     And then, the fun stopped..........The next morning I got an emergency phone call from my sister.  Seems my sweet mom had fallen AGAIN and she shattered the femor on her right leg!.  This is the same leg she broke about 2.5 yrs ago.  The first time she broke it just below her hip.  This time it shattered the bone right above her knee.

     We loaded up and started the long trip back.  Thankfully Brayden was happy and then fell asleep cause I really didn't want to make too many stops.  I needed to get home to mom.

     We made it home and waited to hear from my sister as to what and how mom was doing.  The doctors said it was a VERY bad break, her femor shattered (their words) and that she must have surgery.  My sweet mom has had soooooo many surgeries over the past 5 yrs and her little body was weak, but there was just no way around it.  Surgery was set for the next day at 3pm and thus begins my mom's next journey in life.

     The surgery went well, mom is now bionic in that leg and the doctor was as pleased as he could be with a 88 yr old woman with brittle bones and numerous medical conditions.

     That was just 5 days ago and mom has had several ups and downs.  Her kidney function is at 50% and she is only lucid moments at a time---that could partially be due to the anesthics from surgery and after.  The big news is that her heart is only functioning at about 30% and of course, that is causing a lot of concern.  She's not hurting and they are watching her very closely but this is not the news we wanted.

     As a child we think our parents will be around an adult, we realize how limited our time with them really is.  Here are a few pictures of my mom and my kids:

Christmas 2012

My mom cuddling Brayden as an infant--they were watching TV together!

     Well, that's it for now.  I will give updates on my mom (and life) as I get them.  Please pray for my mom, Goldie Marie, and if your parents are still around, go hug them for me!!!

God bless all and any who read this,
Pat, A Remade Life

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