Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Decision Made....Now Waiting on God

     This past weekend was our Winnie Trade Show were we have a 660 sq ft indoor permanent shop.  As some of you know, we've been there for about 5 yrs. now, first as just a 'shop-sharer' (we didn't own the shop but shared it with my good friend Kay) and then as the shop owner when Kay retired almost 2 yrs ago.  There are just not enough words to describe the fun, trials, problems, fun,craziness, etc. that we have experienced during that time.

     Like the time we went to work on the shop in between shows and walked in to find broken glass everywhere!!  The shelf on one of our shelf units had collapsed and almost everything had broke.  And then there was the time we went to work on the shop in-between shows and walked into an oven---the air conditioner was broken!   The time the toilet overflowed, the time another shelf fell while I was under it and landed on my head---ouch!!  As you can see, we've had many situations and we learned to deal with them all!

     We have met some amazing people over the yrs!

     These are only a few of the many, many wonderful customers who have graced the doors of our humble shop.  So many allowed us into their lives and we shared our life with them as well..

     I've had co-workers come out to see my shop and even a few old school chums------thanks Ethel Kay, you look the same as you did in high school, only better!!

    The shop has also undergone 'changes' in look and style over the years---

      And so, good times and bad, Winnie has definitely been a fun ride!  We had hoped to simply move into a smaller shop, one that would be less expensive and easier to fill (it's a LOT of work shopping for a 660 sq ft. shop!).  Unfortunately, at this time, there is none available.  So, unless one opens up, the December show will be our last.

     We still have soooooooo much stuff that we need to sell and only 2-months to do it in!  We are marking many, many items down and will be bringing in more to try to move it out.

     Please come and visit and maybe buy a treasure or two if you find yourself in the neighborhood!  We will of course keep you updated.....who knows where God will lead us next!!

God Bless All and Any who read this,
Pat, A Remade Life

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