Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Winnie Trade Days this weekend!!

This weekend brings another Winnie Trade Days and I have high hopes for this show!  Last months show was the best one we've ever had and I'm hoping this one will be equally good or even better!!  We have added lots of good stuff I found at an estate sale as well as the used clothing I mentioned in a previous post.  We enlarged my son's area since his sales have more than doubled (he just grins from ear to ear when I tell anyone this!) and we even redesigned the linen section.

We are frantically trying to get everything we can priced and ready to go for this show--please pray that we have the strength and endurance to make it work!!!

I of course included a picture of my wonderful grandson, Brayden, who is now 18 months old!!  He is such a blessing to me.

I have been posting lots of good, vintage items in my etsy shop so please be sure to go to my link and check it out.  I am also still working on my 'secret' project that I really hope to get up and running before Christmas---we'll see, but it's very slow going right now!

Well, that's it for now, I'll update you on how the show goes---again, please pray we do well, but mainly that we are able to be a blessing to someone this weekend!!

God Bless All and Any who read this,
Pat, A Remade Life

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