Friday, February 4, 2011

It's COLD outside!

As you may already know, I live in southeast Texas, close to the Gulf Coast.  Our weather is pretty much warm most of the year with intermitent cool spells that really don't usually amount to much.  So when we have a really COLD front come in---well, lets just say we go a little crazy!!   Now, I'm not talking major blizzard like they are experiencing up north or even the snow storm they are having in Dallas.  But when we see ice on the ground, our minds can no longer function and we must stay home in our snuggies with a cup of hot tea in one hand and the remote in the other!  In honor of that 'stay-home' attitude, the following are pictures of what we consider a good reason NOT to go to work!

My ice covered car-the door was iced shut!!

I did manage to shed the snuggie and go to work this morning.  When I looked out my window I saw this poor little bird trying desperately to keep warm.  I asked my boss if I could bring him inside - he said if I could catch him, I could bring him in!  On second thought, birds are made to endure such weather, right?

Hope everyone is safe, warm and home in their snuggie!!  God Bless all and any who read this,
                                                                                                    Pat, A Remade Life

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