Thursday, January 20, 2011

"My Mom" project

Here is the finished project I did for the sketchbook challenge this month. It's been a looonnnnngg time since I sketched/drew/doodled or anything like that!!   I wanted to honor my mom who is fighting cancer for the 3rd time and since the theme of this months challenge was to sketch something you 'highly price'--well, enough said.  So here it is:   
               Although I know everyone thinks their mom is the 'best mom ever' I KNOW my mom is! She is currently fighting cancer for the 3rd time in 8 yrs and at the age of 85, that's no easy task. But she's a fighter and I know she is doing her best to be victorious again! Here is her story. Please say a prayer as you read on and then call/kiss/tell your mom how great she is:


My moms name is Goldie Marie and I love her very much. She is currently 85 yrs old and is fighting cancer for the 3rd time. She developed breast cancer 7 yrs ago and overcame it with little effort. It returned 2 yrs later in the same breast and was inoperatable due to it's closeness to her heart. Through medicine and lots of prayer, my mom overcame the cancer again. She started having breathing problems a few months ago and so my sister and I took her to a doctor--we discovered the cancer has returned but this time in her lung. My mom is a fighter but she is so tired and feeble. I love my mom and pray for her every day. She is a good mom and I love her very much." No words can truly say how much I love my mom but I tried to express it with this picture.

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