Monday, February 14, 2011

How I Spent My Saturday Morning!

This past weekend was my monthly antiques, crafts, collectibles show at Winnie Texas.  It's a great show and I've been doing very well there.  The biggest challenge is that I live about an hour and tens minutes from the show, so I have to drive back and forth both days of the weekend!  I try to use that driving time as a time of reflection, meditation, etc--I listen to good music, church sermons, etc.  It usually works, HOWEVER,  this past Saturday morning was a nightmare!!  There was a wreak-a big tanker truck had a wreak and exploded, leaving hazardous materials all over the freeway! (no one was hurt-what a miracle) The freeway closed, we were ALL detoured down a small country rode with no other way to go and that 1 hr. 10 min. trip ended up taking me 3 1/3 hours!!!  So with all that time on my hands I began taking pictures.  Here are a few. 

This was the only scenery for miles! 
I stared at this guys tail lights for a lllooooonnnnggg time!!

If you think it's boring looking at these pictures, you should have been there to 'look' at this for over 3 hrs.!!  Ok, so I'll stop whining now and let you know I did make it to the show and sold LOTS of stuff and made some good money.  So the moral of this story is---blessings can and do come out of adversity!!  God Bless all and any who read this,  Pat,  A Remade Life

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