Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day at the Winnie Flea Market

What a great day I had today!!  Went to Winnie Texas to "Larry's Olde Time Trade Days" a fantastic, large flea market a little over an hour from my home!!  I have several vendor friends there and my son Jonathan and I went to visit with them and check out the market.  And what a market it is!!  We got there early since part of the market is outside in the lovely Texas heat--we managed to stay mostly in the air conditioned area!!  I talked with Brenda, the owner, and she was nice enough to share tips on how to market and advertise, which I hope will help with my own Humble Trade Days.  I talked with my vendor friends, shopped a little, met some new vendors (who I can now call 'friend') and just generally had a great time.  Jonathan found a knife and sword vendor and, of course, purchased a knife he had been looking for.  I also managed to find a great buy on some old dolls and the owner of the shop became a new friend--her name is Kay of 'Kay's collectibles' and I might actually been renting part of her space soon!!!  How cool is that--I've been thinking and praying about becoming more involved in resale and God may be opening that door--will update as things occur!!  God's blessings on all and any who read this!!  Pat,  A Remade Life


  1. Hi Pat
    Thanks so much for stopping by and I really have not thought about an online class but that is an idea... I have a lot of changes going on in my life right now which the Lord is opening and closing some doors. I may consider that this summer sometime.
    Many Blessings to you

  2. sounds like the flea market was a lot of fun. what will you be selling in your booth, if it happens?

  3. Good news, Kecia--I got the spot!! So excited 'cause this is one of the best flea markets in this area. I have lots of great resale items from old oil cans to vintage dolls, old quilts & bedspreads, vintage pottery & ceramics, etc. etc. etc.!! I will probably 'sneak' in a few of my handcrafted fanny packs and maybe a purse or two. I'll probably get some stuff together and post pictures soon!!