Friday, June 25, 2010


Here are pictures of some more bra-bags I just finished.  And they now have an official name donated by my friend Judy---"Hooties"!!  How awesome is that!  These Hooties have a definite victorian flavor and were so much fun to make.  Hooties will soon be listed in my etsy shop--just click the icon at the top of this page to see it.  I am still having lots of fun checking out all your wonderful blogs--wish I could take vacation from work so I could just loose myself in them!!  Everyone is so encouraging and uplifting--you are an awesome group of people!!  I will be posting some 'Patty Fannys' I'm working on very soon and hopefully a few more Hooties too!   God's blessings to everyone who reads this and have an excellent weekend!! 
Pat,  A Remade Life

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