Friday, June 4, 2010

Charity to all

This morning around 9am my son, Jonathan, called me at work to tell me a dog had wandered into our backyard!!  Our yard is fully-fenced with a 6 ft. wood fence however, this was a very small chihuahua and it had somehow got in.  I work only 5 min. from my home so I ran home to see.  It was a very frightened, half starved, flea covered, overgrown toenail, sad little dog!!  I managed to catch him (it was an un-fixed male) so I fed & watered him.  He was so small and scared.  I called our vet and it would cost a hugh amount of money to have him checked--money I don't have!!  But, thank the Lord, a member of Pals for Pooches was at the vets and said "I'll take him-bring him here".  Bless her soul!!  I took 'little man' as I called him to the vets--it turns out he had been neglected for a long time and he was also a very old dog.  He had trouble with his back legs and bad teeth.  This sweet lady still took him and will love him for all long as he's around!!  God Bless her--she gave me her number and I will check up on 'little man' (she decided to keep that name) soon!!  God Bless all who read this!!    Pat, A Remade Life

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