Monday, June 10, 2013

Winnie in June

The June show in Winnie is now past and was an 'eye-opener'.  I'll explain that a little later.

Friday was a slow day, as it usually is, but my son Jonathan did a good job and sold several things.  Of course, my good friend and helper, Kay was there as well and she is always a blessing to me!  Saturday started out well with our first sale of the day coming early in the morning so we had great expectations.  Unfortunately, the 'expectations' didn't pan-out and, although we made numerous small sales, the total earnings at the end of the day were disappointing.

Sunday morning broke hot and humid (this is Texas after all!) and somewhat slow.  The people started coming about mid-morning and we again were encouraged but the rains came around 1:30pm and that was pretty much that for the show!

And now to the eye-opener comment:  I have been battling back and forth with the decision to close the shop at Winnie.  Sales and the crowds have been down for about 5 to 6-months and the shop is barely breaking even.  It has become increasing harder to rationalize staying there and continuing to struggle through the bad times.  It would be different if I didn't work full-time or even if money was not an issue--but then, who doesn't have 'that' issue!!

I had decided to ask a vendor whose partner was getting out of the business if she would like to come into our shop and rent part of our space.  She's a great person and it would have been fun to have her there!  Unfortunately, she had already asked another vendor to come in and share her shop so that she wouldn't have to move out.  Makes sense and I'm happy for her to have found someone.

So, back to the decision.  My first decision was to get out of the antique mall in Spring, TX where I rent a small booth.  My overhead there is eating me up and the sales are also sluggish.  I plan on turning in my
30-day notice today or tomorrow.  I'll run a really good sale and hopefully will be able to unload items so that I won't have to haul too much to the warehouse.

And now for Winnie:  unless something changes over the next few months, we will be pulling out of Winnie soon.  I've got numerous pieces of furniture that need to be refinished/painted so I would like to get those redone and sold first.  I plan on putting a huge sale on the last few months there so again, hopefully, we will be able to unload stuff and not have to bring much back to the warehouse.

It has not been an easy decision and not one I've enjoyed making.  BUT, I know my heavenly Father has a plan for me, a good plan for us to prosper!  He will guide my steps and show me where I need to be at this time in my life.

I do ask for your prayers, that my eyes and ears will be open to His guidance and that my heart will be receptive to His will.  I have said all along that my customers are some of the best people in the world!  I have truly enjoyed them and have been blessed to be apart of their lives--I hope that in some small way I have also been a blessing to them!!

So, stay-tuned cause it looks like a new 'adventure' is on the horizon for "A Remade Life"!

Here are some pictures of a few things in the shop,

God Bless All and Any who read this,

Pat, A Remade Life

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