Monday, May 6, 2013

New Logo in the works!!

I'm so excited about my new logo!  I've been wanting to have my own special trademark but just haven't taken the time to really move on it--I just let it float around in my head (a scary place!) for a while.  Well, I finally took control and went to a friend who has a print shop and asked for his help.  We talked it over and one of his graphic designers went to work on it.  He was a great guy and presented me with numerous options based on what I had asked for, all of them very nice-----however, nothing was 'clicking' with me.  I wasn't trying to be picky but the image in my head (remember, a scary place!) just didn't look like the computer generated logos he had created for me.  I wanted something more organic, more natural, more ME!!  Sooooooooo, I said a prayer, set to work, and my new logo was born!  I took it to the print shop to get it ready for my business cards, etc. and all I have to do now is pick the color of the card stock----I am just so TOTALLY stoked about this!!  Can't hardly wait to show it off--hopefully will have it back from the printers in a few days and ya'll will be some of the first to see it--sweet!!!

In the meantime, here are some more pictures of my shop in Winnie---I know you are getting tired of seeing them, but I'm doing ANOTHER reset so what you are seeing is a 'shop in the making'!

                             My son Jonathan's spot is really looking good--more to come!

                                  This is the front of the shop--still trying to come up with an eye-catcher

                            My ladies section--the bike doesn't go there permanently

                     My linen section is still needing work but it's getting there--this bike also doesn't belong here

                            I'll really loving my 'travel' section--lots of good luggage to choose from

This is the horse that's in my header above--it's handmade and really cool--there is also a vintage sled on the shelf above the horse

    Still working on the kitchen/houseware section but loving the big mirror on top!

                                                   Lots of vintage dollies to choose from!!

                                   A great portable artist easel--almost kept this one!!

Well, that's it for now but I promise to debut my new logo as soon as possible--hope you will like it too!!

God Bless all and any who read this,
Pat, A Remade Life

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