Thursday, May 16, 2013

Introducing My New Logo!

My new logo is here!  As you can see, I've posted it as my header.  I really, really love this logo---it's been several yrs in the making!

'Back in the day', I studied in college to become a graphic designer.  I loved creating/designing/drawing and  hoped to make that my goal in life.  But things change, marriage happened, three children came and then divorce, things that redirected my life down a different path.  Creating was forgotten as I struggled to raise and take care of 3-children by myself.  It wasn't easy.  All thoughts of doing ANYTHING creative were lost to the daily grind of just making a living.

But my Heavenly Father is a good Father and He began placing in me the need, the desire to begin creating again.  And so, my business "A Remade Life" was born, a testimony to God's love for us and His ability to 'give new life to gently used items'.  But the process has been hard.  Unused for soooooo long, my creativity is slow in coming----ideas don't readily pop into my head as they used to, my 'creative' vision doesn't see like it did so many years ago.  But again, my Father God is good and I am learning all over again to be patient and listen with my heart to His voice, to have Faith in this area of my life as I must in all things!

And to remember that God's plans for me are higher than anything I could ever image---"For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope..."  Jeremiah 29:11

I love my logo--have I already said that?!  It's simplicity reminds me to slow down, stop making life so complicated, to let the love of God bloom fresh in my life everyday.  I'm sure I'll be tweeking my logo here and there over time, just like God is 'tweeking' me--- but the joy of this budding, new creative life is awesome!!  I will look forward to each day as a new beginning, a new 'dawn'---I hope you will come with me on this exciting journey!!

God Bless all and any who read this,
Pat, A Remade Life

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