Monday, October 29, 2012

Beautiful, busy weekend!

     Wow, this past weekend was FULL of activity and wonderful weather!!  Sooooo much to do and so little time to do it but with my son Jonathan's help, we got it done!  AND we managed to enjoy the lovely weekend as well.  Here is my weekend in bullet points:
          *  Friday night-collaspe cause I haven't been feeling very well--allergies, cold/sinus,
          *  Get up early Sat. morning, price the many items I had for the antique mall, clean house (well, at least try!)
          *  Take items to antique mall as well as newly painted shelf units,
          *  Work on booth at antique mall until 1:30pm, visit with fellow vendors,
          *  Go start to HAAM to volunteer (this is a resale ministry where I volunteer on Sat. when I can)
          *  Go home at 7pm and watch church on computer then collaspe (still feeling pookie)
          *  Get up EARLY Sun. morning, load items for shop in Winnie/go to Winnie with Jonathan,
          *  Work on shop at Winnie with Jonathan until 1:30pm
          *  Go home to play with my grandson Brayden (he and his mom, my daughter Brittany, had gone to Dallas for the weekend to visit my oldest daughter, Jennifer)
          *  Run to buy groceries with Jonathan before Brittany has to go to work at 6pm,
          * Come home, put up groceries and dress Brayden for the pumpkin patch,
          *  Go to the local pumpkin patch and take pictures of Mr. Brayden--he is so cute!!
          *  Go back home, fix dinner, put Brayden to bed and COLLAPSED!!

     THAT was my weekend and now back to the real world and my job--whew, do you feel sorry for me yet?!?

     I am so grateful for my children/grandchildren for all the help they give me in my often very hectic life.  Jonathan is my strong arm, my traveling buddy and my companion!!  You are the coolest, dude!!

     Well, hope you aren't totally exhausted just reading this crazy schedule--please say a prayer for me as I am still a bit under the weather and not feeling quite so 'fresh' right now.

     Love you all and will be posting some of the christmas projects I'm currently working on soon.  God bless all and any who read this,

Pat, A Remade Life

Hope you enjoy these pic's of my sweet Brayden in the pumpkin patch!!

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