Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"Oh Christmas tree, oh christmas tree---"

My beautful silver tree-not vintage but so cool!
And it rotates!!
Well, Christmas is almost here and I hope this message finds everyone waiting with great anticipation for this most holy of holidays!!  And, hopefully no one is still fighting the crowds as you do that last minute shopping, or baking like a madman/madwoman as you prepare for all those out of town relatives you only get to see once a year, etc. etc. etc.  And me?  Yes, I am still doing the 'last-minute' thing and although I am preparing for my oldest daughter to come visit for the holidays, I am NOT preparing/planning any meals other than chicken-n-dumplings for Christmas day! And yes, even though I'm a vegetarian I know how to fix chicken for my children! (I pick the chicken out of mine and just eat the gravy and dumplings--so would that be called 'dumplings-n-dumplings?!)  This is a great time of year, filled with joy and good cheer for those of us who are so blessed and have few needs--but let us remember those who have little or even nothing all year round and how hard this time of year is for them.  My prayer is that we all learn to step out of our own comfort zone and share the blessings we've been given with those around us in need--not just in this Christmas season but all year long!! Amen and amen!!  God Bless all and any who read this,
 Pat,  A Remade Life

Some of my ornaments are old, some are just groovy!

My mantle and the fireplace I painted and antiqued

And no Texas Christmas is complete without a snowman in his sombero!!

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