Sunday, February 7, 2010

Going "Green"

I have always loved to created and re-create items from bits and pieces of fabric, trims and such.  I decided awhile back to find and use 'un-usable' things like--torned blue jeans, stained clothing, old trims and zippers and old purses--and remake them into something useful and hopefully lovely.  It's like a treasure hunt for me when I go garage selling, to flea markets and resale stores.  Digging through piles of junk often turns up wonderful items like vintage buttons, old cast iron crosses, vintage fabrics--all at a cost of only pennies to me!!  I'm enjoying combining these things and hopefully helping the enviroment by keeping them from going into landfills.  God  has called us to be good stewards over all His has given us and that includes taking care of the enviroment and those who dwell in it!  Take a look at my lastest project--I call it a "Do-Over" purse 'cause I'm giving it a second chance--and let me know what you think!  God Bless all and any who read this,    Pat    A Re-made Life

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