Monday, February 22, 2010

Time off to work!!

That's right--I took time off from my 8-5 job to 'work' at home for a few days.  And boy, did I work!  My son and I cleaned out behind our fenceline.  We have a large ditch/bayou that runs directly behind our fenceline and there is an area of ground about 20 to 25 ft deep between our fence and the bayou.  That area was COVERED in bushes, weeds and old branches that the previous owners had not trimmed in a long time.  It is clean now!!!  Jonathan (my son) and I worked until it was all done and the ground is pretty much level now.  My motivation for working so hard?  SNAKES!!!  Yes, we occassionally get snakes in our yard and I figured if I removed the underbrush and stuff that the snakes couldn't sneek up on us.  May sound a little strange to some, but I HATE snakes and get rightous indignation when they come on my property.  We've decided we might put a little patio back there so we can relax and enjoy the 'wilderness' of the forest that's beyond the bayou.  Lots of plans.  I did manage to work on my business a little and remake a few purses I've had for a while.  They turned out pretty good-I've included a few pictures and I will be posting them for sale on my etsy anyone is interested.  Let me know what you think and God Bless any and all who read this!!  Pat,  A Remade Life

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