Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How Time Flies!!

Wow, it's been soooo long since I last posted and so much has occurred in my life!  Firstly, I must apologize for not posting sooner, but I think you will understand once I 'fill in the blanks'.

The holidays started well, but my mom became sick again and ended up in the hospital.  Seems she had some internal bleeding in her stomach that had to be cauterized, but she is ok now. She has gone through so much in the last few years but she is a very strong person and I thank God for her everyday.  Please pray for my sweet mom "Goldie" that she finds rest and peace and no more illness.

The other major news is that my youngest daughter, who has been living with me again for the last few yrs, decided to move to Dallas/Ft. Worth area.  This is not an easy move in this day and time, especially with a 10 mos. old baby!  After much thought and prayer, Brittany agreed to leave the baby with my son and me until she is able to get established and settled in her 'new life' in Dallas.  Not easy for her to do since Brayden is the 'best baby ever'!  My son Jonathan and I welcome the opportunity to love on this little 'pooter-man' but it is quite a life-style change.  It's been a long time since I've had the responsibility of raising, even temporarily, a little one.  Brayden is a very good baby however and we are very much enjoying him.  We've taken him to the park numerous times and even garage selling with us--hey, we have our priority's straight!!  Not sure how long we will have him with us, but we are taking advantage of spoiling him as much as we can---sorry, Brittany!!

In other news, I just changed spaces at the antique mall were I sell and boy, am I glad I did!!  I was blessed to get a corner booth and I've been selling very well!!  It was hard work moving all my 'treasures' into the new space, but well worth it!!  Move news on that to come.

My shop in Winnie has been very sluggish the last 3-4 months, not a good sign.  However, this coming weekend is the next shop and we are praying people will be out and buying.  We really need a good show this month, especially since the last few were not.  I will follow-up on this after the show.  Please come out to visit if you can!!

Well, I hear my sweet Brayden waking up and must also get ready for my 'real' job, so much go for now.

God Bless all and any who read this,

Pat, A Remade Life

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