Friday, May 13, 2011

Fun on a Saturday!!

Here is a typical Saturday for me:  get up EARLY and hit as many garage sales/estate sales as I can, go home and unload my truck, clean house (yea, right!) eat lunch and then go to my favorite resale/charity store, H.A.A.M.-Humble Area Assistance Ministries.  I LOVE working with the  people over there and have been volunteering on Saturdays for about 5-6 yrs.  I work in the housewares dept. which gets the largest amount of donations--we also help with toys.  I always leave there tired, dirty, broke (yes, I buy LOTS of stuff!) but happy I've helped someone that day.  So here are some pictures of a "Sat. in the life of Pat":

NEVER pass up one of these signs!

Wonderful chairs--wish I had bought them!

First load

Still the first load

Second load!

Ok-third load!!!

My son, Jonathan helping me unload-not his favorite job, but I buy him stuff and he's ok--yes, that's bribery, but it works!!

I found a whole tote full of M&M stuff--yea, that's what I'm talking about!!

Some of my H.A.A.M. friends--great people!

Jonathan likes to help there too!!

Well, that's it--that's how I spend most of my Saturday's and I must tell you---I LOVE IT!!!  I end the day with a good dose of church and go to  bed happy and content--what more could you want in life!?!  God Bless all and any who read this,    Pat, A Remade Life

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